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CORDIC Bibliography: Baykov's Publication 1

The total number of my publications mainly related to CORDIC method is over 120 since 1969. The major part of them was reviewed in "Computer and control abstracts" (I don"t know why but my last name in these journals was written as "Baikov").


Titles of books:

  1. **V.D.Baykov, S.N.Vashkevich, M.B.Sergeev Applied subroutines for micro-processor checking and control systems, St.Petersburg, Politechnika 1992,223p.
  2. V.D.Baykov, T.R.C.Hassall,K.A.Ivanova English for Academic Visitors, Alexander Print, 1992, 156 p.
  3. *V.D.Baykov, S.N.Vashkevich, Solving of trajectories problems in micro processor systems of numerical controls, Leningrad, Mashinostroenie,1986, 106p.
  4. *V.D.Baykov, V.B.Smolov, Special-purpose processors:iterative algorithms and structures, Moscow, Radio & svjaz, 1985, 288p.
  5. *V.D.Baykov,S.A.Seljutin, Elementary functions evaluation in microcalcu lators, Moscow, Radio & svjaz, 1982, 64p.
  6. *V.D.Baykov Special computers, Moscow, Vischaja shkola, 1981, 279p.
  7. *V.D.Baykov,V.B.Smolov, Hardware implementation of elementary functions in computers, Leningrad State University, 1975, 96p.
  8. V.D.Baykov Russian phrase-book( guide-book, dictionary). Bratstvo Publi-shers, St.Petersburg, 1994, 146 p.
  9. V.D.Baykov The Modern English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionary, over 35 000 entries, Edited by Julie Hinton, St.Petersburg, Bratstvo Publishers, 1994, 574 p.

Titles of papers:

  1. V.D.Baykov, Overlapping of parallel data processing with their bit-serial input, Izvestia VUZov,Priborostroenie, 1990,n4.
  2. V.D.Baykov,M.B.Sergeev,M.A.Mohammed Computing systems architecture orien- ted to solving linear systems equations. Upravljajushie sistemi i mashini, 1990,n.4.
  3. V.D.Baykov, V.B.Smolov, Special-purpose processors for high-speed micro processor systems, Proektirovanie funktsionalno-orientirovannich vichis litelnih system,1990, n11,Leningrad State University
  4. *V.D.Baykov,M.B.Sergeev, Error estimation of solving linear systems equa- tions by digit by digit technique, Elektronnoe modelirovanie, 1989,n5.
  5. V.D.Baykov,M.B.Sergeev, Systolic structures for linear systems equations solving, Elektronnoe modelirovanie, 1988,n5.
  6. V.D.Baykov,V.P.Golubev, Simulation algorithms of multiplication and data sampling in digital signal processing, Gibridnie vichislitelnie mashini & compleksi,1987,n10
  7. V.D.Baykov, M.B.Sergeev, Hardware-oriented algorithms of linear systems equations solving, Upravljajuschie sistemi i mashini,1986, n2
  8. V.D.Baykov, A.I.Kris, An unit for hyperbolic functions evaluation, Izvestija VUZov,Priborostroenie,1985,n9
  9. V.D.Baykov,V.V.Kabanov,A.M.Popov, Multiprocessor organization for digital filter based on microprocessors, Mikroprocessornie sredstva i sistemi, 1985, n6
  10. V.D.Baykov, Method and unit for polynomial evaluation, Gibridnie vichislitelnie mashini i kompleksi, 1984, n7
  11. V.D.Baykov, Digit by digit technique with direct checking of convergence, Analiz i sintez diskretnih sistem, 1984, n20
  12. V.D.Baykov, S.A.Seljutin, Hardware-oriented method for linear algebra problems solving, Automatika i vichislitelnaja tehnika, 1983,n1

Titles of conferences presentations:

  1. V.D.Baykov Worldwide system of distance learning: basic principles, SAPR-92, International Conference on CAD, Crimea, Jalta, 1992,p.241.
  2. V,D,Baykov, A.A.Smagin, V.B.Smolov Table-lookup interpolation of functions in microcomputers. Multiprocessor computer systems, All-union conference,Taganrog, 1991.
  3. *V.D.Baykov,S.D.Bulgakova, Bit-level pipelined algorithms and structures for signal processing applications, Latvian signal processing interna-tional conference, 1990,Riga,April 24-26,vol.2,p.208-212, (in English)
  4. V.D.Baykov, Dedicated processors on VLSI for solving of linear systems equations, SAPR-90, Conference on computer aided design, 1990,Crimea, May 5-14, p.13-14.
  5. V.D.Baykov,M.B.Sergeev, Concurrency computer systems, X Symposium po probleme izbitochnosti v vichislitelnih sistemah, Leningrad,26-28 May, 1989,vol.3, p.96-97
  6. V.D.Baykov, S.D.Bulgakova, Combination of functions evaluation with input of data, Problemi vichislitelnoi matematiki i avtomatizacii nauchnih issledovanii, All-union conference, Alma-ata, 1988,24-28, October, vol.4,p.16-17
  7. V.D.Baykov,S.D.Bulgakova,S.N.Vashkevich, Algorithms and programs of statistical estimations evaluation in microprocessor control systems, Povishenie effectuvnosti sredstv obrabotki informacii, All-union conference,Tambov, 1988, May 14-18, p.130-132

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