Original Publications

  • Jack E. Volder, "The CORDIC Trigonometric Computing Technique," IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers, Vol. EC-8, pp.330-334, 1959.
  • John S. Walther, "A Unified Algorithm for Elementary Functions," Spring Joint Computer Conference Proceedings, Vol. 38, pp.379-385, 1971.

It is not easy to get them especially Walther's paper. However, you can find them both in Computer Arithmetic by Earl E. Swartzlander, Jr., Published by the IEEE Computer Society Press, 1990.

The Foundation Work of CORDIC

  1. D. H. Daggett, "Decimal-Binary Conversion in CORDIC," IRE Transactions on electronic Computers, Vol. EC-8, No. 3, pp. 335-339, 1959.
  2. M. A. Liccardo, "An Interconnect Processor with Emphasis on CORDIC Mode Operation," Masters Thesis EE Dept, University of California at Berkeley, September 1968.
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